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Electrical Discharge MachinesMX600   Features

Basic information

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Model nameMX600
OverviewOil wire-cut EDM
Flagship model incorporating extreme precision machining
Sales statusOn sale


Machining accuracy & Stability

Next-generation drive system and a highly sophisticated power supply control, Original high-accuracy technologies for changing work environments
* Equipped with a linear shaft motor
* Ultrahigh accuracy is realized by controlling temperature of machine body synchronously with dielectric fluid temperature (Thermal buster)

Automatic wire threading

Advanced technologies for greatly improved productivity
* ø0.03mm automatic wire threading (option)
* Automatic threading of ø0.04mm wire electrode available


Realizing high-accuracy and high-speed machining using oil dedicated power supply
* Integrates the power supply technologies of both water wire-cut EDM and oil die-sinking EDM


User-friendly features ensure easy operation
* Intuitive operations using touch-panel control and on-screen instructions
* Maintenance space is arranged in one place to improve workability