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Electrical Discharge MachinesPA ADVANCE Series   Features

Basic information

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Model namePA ADVANCE Series
PA05S ADVANCE 2022/02 Discontinued
PA10 ADVANCE 2020/08 Discontinued
PA20 ADVANCE 2020/08 Discontinued
OverviewUltrahigh precision wire-cut EDM
Flagship model incorporating extreme precision machining
End of order date2022/02
Discontinued date2022/02


Machining accuracy & Stability

Achieved ±2μm machining accuracy, Compatible with super-fine φ0.02 wire

Machining Power Supply

Super fine finishing power supply (FS5)
High-accuracy machining control (SL Control, CM control, EM control)


Pursuing super-precision with extensive temperature control
Stable wire tension system for realizing super-precision machining
High-accuracy, high-rigidity machine structure