Factory Automation

Group Company Mitsubishi Electric Engineering

Labor-saving will support future manufacturing as the number of workers is decreasing today.

Our products provide five methods for innovative solutions according to fields of manufacturing.


Time and wire saving devices open new window

Easy wiring for innovative solutions

▼Target devices
Programmable Controller, Servo, HMI, CNC(also connectable to other companies' PLCs)

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Introduction of small-scale IoT to reform production sites

▼Target devices
Programmable Controller, Servo

Products for monitoring and traceability open new window

Visualization (monitoring and diagnosis) of production sites)

▼Target devices
Programmable Controller

Upgrade tool products open new window

Upgrading system leading to smart factory

▼Target devices
Programmable Controller, Servo

Products for system maintenance open new window

Stable operation for productivity improvement

▼Target devices
Programmable Controller, Servo, HMI

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