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GOT2000 Series

GOT Easy Drive Control (Servo) Interactive Solutions

Support servo system maintenanceGOT Drive

Machine diagnosis function

Having problems?
Having problems?

How can I predict deterioration of a machine if it has excessive load and is frequently accelerated?

GOT will solve your problems!
GOT will solve your problems!

Without using a personal computer, you can predict the deterioration of the machine for easy preventive maintenance.

Function features

GOT displays the machine diagnosis screen that is equivalent to the maintenance functions of MR Configurator2.
You can easily check the machine diagnosis information of servo amplifiers on the GOT without a personal computer.

Failure prediction function

When connecting to MR-J4-GF(-RJ), the servo amplifier detects and notifies deterioration of drive components.
By grasping the failure prediction information of the production line and performing maintenance at appropriate time, operation rate of the whole production line can be increased.

Machine diagnosis screen*1

GOT displays estimation values (machine friction, torque vibration, etc.) that are collected by the machine diagnosis function of the servo amplifier. When any of the estimation values exceed the threshold values that are set on the GOT, the numerical value display area turns red.

  • *1 Ready to use sample screens (VGA) are available.
Machine diagnosis screen

Specification details and restrictions

● Target models
MELSERVO-J4 Series (MR-J4-□A(-RJ), MR-J4-□B(-RJ), MR-J4W2-□B, MR-J4W3-□B, MR-J4-□GF(-RJ)), MELSERVO-JE Series (MR-JE-□A, MR-JE-□B)
● Supported connection types*1
Direct connection with a servo amplifier, connection via motion controller/Simple Motion module, connection via CC-Link IE Field Network Simple Motion module/master or local station module
  • *1 For the details of connectable models of each connection type, please refer to the “Connectable model list” (page 152).
● Machine diagnosis
Friction estimation requires acceleration and deceleration of machine operation speed. When performing speed control or torque control, the speed is always kept constant so that friction estimation may not be performed. For the details, please see here.
● How to obtain sample screens
Sample screens are included in GT Works3. For the details, please contact your local sales office.
The sample screens are supported by the following GT Works3 versions.
MR-J4-□A(-RJ): Ver.1.126G or later, MR-J4-□B(-RJ), MR-J4W2-□B, MR-J4W3-□B: Ver.1.155M or later, MR-JE-□B: Ver.1.150G or later.
Recommended industries
F & B
Supported GOT types
Supported devices