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GOT2000 Series

GOT Easy Drive Control (Servo) Interactive Solutions

Support startup and adjustment of servo systemsGOT Drive

One-touch tuning function/Tuning function

Having problems?
Having problems?

It's difficult to determine an optimum gain when setting up the device. It's bothersome to connect a personal computer every time I adjust a gain.

GOT will solve your problems!
GOT will solve your problems!

GOT can be used to adjust gains of servo amplifiers. Since the adjustment can be performed in parallel with other setup work, you can efficiently set up the system.

Function features

GOT displays the tuning screens that are equivalent to the adjustment functions of MR Configurator2.
You can easily adjust gain parameters of servo amplifiers on the GOT without a personal computer.

One-touch tuning screen

One-touch tuning screen*1

Just a single touch on the switch on the GOT screen. You can check tuning results such as settling time and overshoot amount.

  • *1 Ready to use sample screens (VGA) are available.

Tuning screen

Tuning screen*1

To obtain higher performance, you can perform fine tuning of gain parameters in the tuning screen.

  • *1 Ready to use sample screens (VGA) are available.

Specification details and restrictions

● Target models
MELSERVO-J4 Series (MR-J4-□A(-RJ), MR-J4-□B(-RJ), MR-J4W2-□B, MR-J4W3-□B, MR-J4-□GF(-RJ)), MELSERVO-JE Series (MR-JE-□A, MR-JE-□B)
● Supported connection types*1
Direct connection with a servo amplifier, connection via motion controller/Simple Motion module, connection via CC-Link IE Field Network Simple Motion module/master or local station module
  • *1 For the details of connectable models of each connection type, please refer to the “Connectable model list” (page 152).
● How to obtain sample screens
Sample screens are included in GT Works3. For the details, please contact your local sales office.
The sample screens are supported by the following GT Works3 versions.
MR-J4-□A(-RJ): Ver.1.126G or later, MR-J4-□B(-RJ), MR-J4W2-□B, MR-J4W3-□B: Ver.1.155M or later, MR-JE-□B: Ver.1.150G or later.
Recommended industries
F & B
Supported GOT types
Supported devices