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GOT2000 Series

Hardware Features

Support various international standards

Compatible with environmental standards

Having problems?
Having problems?

I want to use an HMI which is designed to be safely used in hazardous locations.

GOT will solve your problems!
GOT will solve your problems!

GOT has been approved as the environmentally-resistant equipment, which means that the GOT can be used in various locations.

Function features

GOT is acceptable for use in hazardous locations classified by various safety standards (Class I, Division 2 [the United States, Canada], ATEX [Europe], KCs [Korea]).
Since GOT conforms to water, dust, and oil-proof IP67F standard, it is acceptable for use in areas where water or oil are present.

  • * GT25 rugged model conforms to IP66F.
Function features

Approval standards list (as of December 2019)

For the latest information, please refer to the "Standards and approved products"

◯: Supported ×: Not supported

Approval standards Standard model
(panel color: black)
White model
(panel color: white)
open frame model
GT25 wide model
GT25 rugged model
GT21 wide model
Mark Overview Country/
CE EMC Directive harmonized standards,
Low Voltage Directive harmonized standards,
RoHS Directive harmonized standards
Ex ATEX Directive harmonized standards*1 Europe × × × ×
UL Safety standards United
Class I,
Division 2
× × ×
cUL Safety standards Canada
Class I,
Division 2
× × ×
KC EMC standards Korea
KCs Safety standards*1 Korea × × × ×
  • *1 To comply with ATEX directive and KCs regulation, there are some restrictions. Please refer to the specification details and restrictions below.

Specification details and restrictions

● Class I, Division 2
This classification means that the equipment has been approved for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations.
● ATEX directive and KCs regulation
GOT is acceptable for use in hazardous locations classified by these safety standards. To comply with the ATEX directive and KCs regulation, protective sheet and special fitting in the "Product list" are required separately. (Only protective sheet is required for GT2508-VTWD.) Communication units and option units cannot be used. When using these units, GOT does not comply with the standards. For the details, please refer to the Technical Bulletin "GOT2000 Series in Compliance with the ATEX Directive and KCs Certification Requirements" (No. GOT-A-0101-A) (PDF).
● IP67F
To conform to IP67F, close the USB environmental protection cover by pushing in the [PUSH] mark or [PULL] mark firmly to lock the cover*1. Note that the structure does not guarantee protection in all users' environments. The GOT may not be used in certain environments where it is subjected to splashing oil or chemicals for a long period of time or soaked in oil mist.
  • *1 Open frame models conform to IP67F with the environmental protection sheet attached.