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GOT2000 Series

GOT Easy Drive Control (Servo) Interactive Solutions

Compilation of interactive functions with servosGOT Drive plus

GOT Drive Plus (paid template screens) [NEW]

Having problems?
Having problems?

Is there an easier way to visualize multiaxes servo systems?

GOT will solve your problems!
GOT will solve your problems!

With GOT Drive Plus, data of 16 axes can be displayed on one screen without changing the resolution setting of the GOT project data. By monitoring multiple servo amplifiers in the equipment on one screen, you can comprehensively check the servo system.

Function features

GOT Drive Plus is the paid GOT project data that can visualize servo systems. The data is available for all resolutions of GT27 and GT25 models. Since the template screens for the GOT Mobile function are provided, you can promptly start the remote monitoring of servo systems.
The template project can be used as is depending on the system configuration, thus reducing time for screen creation.

Quick remote monitoring with the GOT Mobile function template screens

Quick remote monitoring with the GOT Mobile function template screens

Features comparison

◯:Reduced screen design/working man-hours ×:Increased screen design/working man-hours

Item GOT Drive Plus [NEW] GOT Drive
GT Works3 Add-on License for GOT2000 Enhanced Drive Control (Servo) Project Data
Sample screens included in GT Works3
Screen design manhours Screens are designed for every resolution of GT27 and GT25 and can be used to connect to Motion controllers and Simple Motion modules. The screens can be used as it is. × Sample screens are available only for VGA to connect to Simple Motion modules. The layout must be adjusted according to the resolution of GOT to be used as well as the system configuration.
Multiaxis monitor Up to 16 axes can be monitored at the same time on one screen.
[Applicable screens]
• Machine diagnosis • Effective load factor •Alarm history
* On the screens other than the above, only one axis can be monitored on one screen.
× Only one axis can be monitored on one screen.
Remote monitoring Screens for the GOT Mobile function are provided as standard for remote monitoring on tablets and smartphones. × Screens for the GOT Mobile function are not available. The users must create the mobile screens.
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GOT2000 Drive Control (Servo) Interactive Solutions GOT Drive Plus

< Contents >
• GOT project data is available for all GT27 and GT25 models
• Check the entire servo system on one screen
• Easy remote monitoring
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Specification details and restrictions

● Target models
MELSERVO-J4 Series (MR-J4-□B(-RJ), MR-J4-W2-□B, MR-J4W3-□B)
● Supported connection types*1
Connection via motion controller/Simple Motion module
  • *1 For the details of connectable models of each connection type, please refer to the “Connectable model list” (page 152).
● Lineup of project data
  • • WXGA (1280 × 800)
  • • WVGA (800 × 480)
  • • XGA (1024 × 768)
  • • VGA (640 × 480)
  • • SVGA (800 × 600)
  • • 5.7" VGA (640 × 480)
Recommended industries
F & B
Supported GOT types
Supported devices