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GOT2000 Series

Small screen, big possibilities


Small, compact, easy to operate!

Ethernet built into a compact body!
The intuitively understandable 5-color backlight offers choices of backlight color and backlight blink according to machine operation state.

Item Specifications
Display 3.8", monochrome (black/white), 32 shade grayscale TFT LCD display
Resolution 320 × 128 dots
Backlight 5-color LED (white, green, pink, orange, red)
User memory Memory for storage (ROM): 3 MB
Standard interface Ethernet, RS-422/485
USB device (USB Mini-B): 1 channel (USB 1.1 (Full-Speed 12 Mbps))
Extension interface For installing an SD memory card unit

High-definition LCD

GT2103 is equipped with an easy to see, compact high-resolution TFT LCD with 32 gray scales.

High-definition LCD

SD memory card unit is available!

SD memory cards can be used when the optional SD memory card unit is attached.

SD memory card

GT2103-PMBD external appearance [rear face]

GT2103-PMBD:rear face

GT21 model product map

See details of GT21 model product map

See details of GT21 model product map