Factory Automation

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)-GOT GOT2000 Series

Compact model with exciting possibilities


Widescreen type compact model!

High resolution, 480 × 272 dot display realized in a compact body!

Item Specifications
Display 4.3", TFT color LCD, 65536 colors
Resolution 480 × 272 dots
Backlight White LED
User memory Memory for storage (ROM): 9 MB
Standard interface Ethernet, RS-232, RS-422/485
USB device (USB Mini-B): 1 channel (USB 1.1 (Full-Speed 12 Mbps))
SD memory card interface

Wide screen display fits a lot of data!

The wide model shows a large amount of information on a 65536 color display.

4.7inch→4.3inch Wide
44.7inch→4.3inch Wide

GT2104-R external appearance [front face/rear face]

GT2104-R:front face
GT2104-R:rear face
①Simple design The simple design with a linear motif is sleek and complements any machine design.
②Flat body The front flat screen is easy to clean.
(USB interface is on the back.)
③USB interface: device (USB Mini-B) Connect to a personal computer and transfer data.
④Ethernet interface Use Ethernet to simultaneously connect up to two types of industrial devices from different manufacturers.
CC-Link IE Field Network Basic compatible devices can also be connected.
⑤RS-422/485 interface Connect to various industrial devices and barcode readers.
⑥RS-232 interface Connect to various industrial devices, barcode readers and serial printers.
⑦SD memory card interface Save large volumes of data, including alarms and logging data.

GT21 model product map

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