Factory Automation

Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs)-GOT GOT2000 Series

Product list


Classification Model Screen size Display section
Display color
Panel color Power
Rugged model GT25 GT2507T-WTSD 7" WVGA TFT color
65536 colors
Silver 24 V DC

Communication unit

Product name Model Specifications
Wireless LAN communication unit*1 GT25-WLAN
[March 31, 2025 to be discontinued]
IEEE802.11b/g/n compliant, built-in antenna, wireless LAN access point (base station)*2, station (client), connection to personal computer, tablet, smartphone
Compliance with: Japan Radio Law*3, FCC standards*4, RE Directive*5 (R&TTE Directive*4 ), KC*6, Radio Equipment Regulations (UKCA)*7
Country where the unit can be used: Japan, the United States, the EU member states, the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and South Korea
  • *1Data transfer in wireless LAN communication may not be as stable as that in cable communication. A packet loss may occur depending on the surrounding environment and the installation location. Be sure to perform a confirmation of operation before using this product.
  • *2When [Operation Mode] is set to [Access Point] in [Wireless LAN Setting] of GT Designer3, up to five stations are connectable.
  • *3The product with hardware version A or later (manufactured in December 2013) complies with the regulation.
  • *4The product with hardware version B or later (manufactured from October 2014) complies with the regulation.
  • *5The product complies with the RE Directive from March 31, 2017.
  • *6The product with hardware version D or later (manufactured from May 2016) complies with the regulation.
  • *7The product with hardware version G or later (manufactured from October 2021) complies with the regulation.


Product name Model Specifications
UV protective sheet
(for the rugged model)*1
GT25T-07WPSVC For 7" rugged model ● Antiglare type (UV cutoff)
● Transparent
● Without a hole for the USB environmental protection cover
● 1 sheet
Protective cover for oil*2 GT25T-07WPCO For 7" rugged model
Stand GT25T-07WSTAND For 7" rugged model
SD memory card NZ1MEM-2GBSD SD memory card for GOT, 2 GB
NZ1MEM-4GBSD SDHC memory card for GOT, 4 GB
NZ1MEM-8GBSD SDHC memory card for GOT, 8 GB
NZ1MEM-16GBSD SDHC memory card for GOT, 16 GB
Battery GT11-50BAT Battery for backup of SRAM data, clock data, and system status log data (for replacement)
Panel-mounted USB port extension*3 GT14-C10EXUSB-4S Cable length 1 m, For routing the USB port (host) of the GOT rear face to the front side of the control panel
GT10-C10EXUSB-5S Cable length 1 m, For routing the USB port (device) of the GOT rear face to the front side of the control panel
USB cable (data transfer cable) GT09-C30USB-5P Cable length 3 m, For connecting a personal computer (screen design software) and GOT
  • *1The UV protective sheet for the rugged model does not comply with IP66F and IP67F.
  • *2The protective cover for oil for the rugged model does not comply with IP66F.
  • *3When using a rugged model, the panel-mounted USB port extension does not comply with IP66F.


Product name Model Description
HMI/GOT Screen Design Software
SW1DND-GTWK3-EC English Version Site license product*1 DVD
GT Works Text to Speech License*3 SW1DND-GTVO-M Standard license product
VNC Server Function License*2 GT25-VNCSKEY-1 1 license
GT25-VNCSKEY-5 5 licenses
GT25-VNCSKEY-10 10 licenses
GT25-VNCSKEY-20 20 licenses
GOT Mobile Function License*2 GT25-WEBSKEY-1 1 license
GT25-WEBSKEY-5 5 licenses
GT25-WEBSKEY-10 10 licenses
GT25-WEBSKEY-20 20 licenses
  • *1Anyone can use the product as long as that person belongs to the business office (including overseas offices) of the corporation that purchased the product, or to the same public vocational training facility or other educational institution as the corporation.
  • *2One license is required for one GOT.
  • *3To edit sound files, each personal computer requires one license.