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Human-Machine Interfaces(HMIs)-GOT Product Features

About GOT

GOT is the abbreviation of "Graphic Operation Terminal".
Switches and lamps had been conventionally attached to an operation panel as hardware. However, by using the screen design software, those can be created, and displayed and operated on the monitor screen of the GOT, the touch-panel HMI.

About GOT

Advantages of the GOT

Downsizing the operation panel

Since switches and lamps are created using software, the number of components attached to the operation panel as hardware can be reduced and the panel itself can be downsized.

Cutting costs for wiring

Wiring between components inside the operation panel is replaced with screen design by software, eliminating the need for the wiring, which requires a large amount of time and cost.

Standardizing operation panels

Even though required specifications changes, you just need to change settings using software. Therefore, operation panels can be standardized.

Adding extra values as an HMI (Human Machine Interface)

The GOT can easily display graphics, text, and alarms in addition to switches and lamps. Therefore, the extra value of your entire equipment can be improved.

Adding extra values as an HMI (Human Machine Interface)