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Professional designs. Maximized efficiency. Intuitive operations.
All made possible by GT Works3.

Support globalization

Speech synthesis function

Supported language

Just enter arbitrary text in GT Works3 to create a sound file. It is easy to create a sound file of a message that is needed to output sound on GOT. The speaker (female/male), language, speed, pitch, and volume of the voice can be set. Messages can be created in 6 languages and you can create the sound notification system in multiple languages.

  • * To register or update messages, GT Works Text to Speech License (SW1DND-GTVO-M) is required.
Image of creating a sound file (message)

Procedure: [Common] → [Sound] → [Sound File List]

Language switching

Create comments of different languages, save them in separate columns, and you can switch languages easily just by switching column numbers. In addition, the character strings of switches and lamps can easily be converted from the Text or Text Figures into Comments. This makes it easy to upgrade screens to display multiple languages.


Procedure: [Common] → [GOT Environmental Setting] → [Language Switching]

FA Term Translation Tool

This is the software to translate comments (words, sentences) that are used in MELSOFT applications including GT Works3. The software uses the FA Term Translation Dictionary provided by Mitsubishi Electric. You can use the software even when your computer is not connected to the Internet. In addition, it is possible to create your own dictionary and switch dictionaries depending on your needs. The software supports creation of multiple language screens.

FA Term Translation Tool

➊ Copy comments to translate (e.g. from GT Works3) and paste them to the FA Term Translation Tool window

➋ Translated results are displayed

➌ Check a checkbox to save it to the dictionary

FA Term Translation Tool

➍ Copy the comments translated with FA Term Translation Tool and paste them to where you want to use them (e.g. GT Works3).

➎ It is easy to create language switching screens.

FA Term Translation Tool

• Starting FA Term Translation Tool

Procedure: Windows menu → [MELSOFT] → [FATranslator] → [FATranslatorFA Term Translation Tool]

Specification details and restrictions

Compatible language
• Japanese → English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
• English → Japanese
• Chinese (Simplified) → Japanese
• Chinese (Traditional) → Japanese

Supported OS (Japanese version, English version)
• Microsoft® Windows® 10
• Microsoft® Windows® 8.1
• Microsoft® Windows® 8
• Microsoft® Windows® 7

About this tool
Translation by FA Term Translation Tool is a mechanical translation. Use this tool as a tool to support translation.

How to obtain this tool
This tool is included in the MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC FA Library DVD-ROM of GT Works3 Version 1.130L or later.
For the details, please contact your local sales office.