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SCADA software-ICONICS Suite™



Graphic creation/visualization

Stunning and user-friendly graphics can be created at a low cost using provided 2D, 3D*1 symbols and CAD data. Various displays according to applications are available, such as automatically changing displayed information according to magnification and reduction percentage and showing the entire system realistically using 3D models*1.

*1. GENESIS64™ Basic SCADA does not support 3D.
Graphic creation

Easily create graphics using various symbols, figures, and viewers provided and customer's CAD data.

Graphic visualization

Angle change and zooming of created graphics are possible. In addition, color can be added to visualize the status intuitively.


Real-time and historical trends

Visualize enterprise-wide data in trends, logs, charts, and reports with TrendWorX™. Chart real-time and historical data from any database to provide users with actionable data. Customize replay rates, colors, axis scales, and multiple cursors. Interact with trends during operation with multiple playback and filtering functions.

Data can be color-coded as a heat map*2 to make data easily visible, allowing quick analysis.

*2. Days and times when alarms most frequently occur and such can be easily understood by colors that change based on threshold values.


Alarm visualization/notification

Notify your personnel of abnormal conditions and events in real time with ANSI/ISA-18.2 compliant features. Integrate the AlarmWorX™ Viewer into any SCADA or HMI display to bring to light real-time and historical alarms when and where operators need to see them.


Remote monitoring on any smart device

Bring SCADA visualization to any device. Create displays on the desktop that can responsively scale to run on any mobile client. Leverage native apps to provide a consistent user experience on any smartphone, tablet, or HTML5 compliant web browser*3. GENESIS64™ responsive UI technology flawlessly transitions between clients to provide a consistent user experience*4.

*3. Please refer to the operating environment for supported web browsers.
*4. Please refer to “2. Select client products” of the flow of product selection for details.


Monitor widely dispersed assets

EarthWorX™, a geographic information system (GIS) mapping module, provides visualization for widely dispersed assets. Create a geographical overview to monitor multiple locations while maintaining the ability to locate and drill into specific assets. Smart Pin™ enables the status of many assets to be easily understood at a glance. Users can integrate with Google Maps™, Bing® Maps, and Esri™ to include additional GIS mapping features and data layers.


Asset management using a hierarchical tree structure

AssetWorX™ is an international standard ANSI/ISA-95*5 compliant asset management module. Map the physical world to its digital twin according to the actual structure of the enterprise, company, process, factory, line, etc. Assets can be organized and configured in the Workbench, optionally including alarms, customizable colors, icons, and drag-and-drop functionalities. The runtime component provides intuitive navigation and is perfectly suited for scaling large projects, which can be easily achieved using the Excel® based bulk asset configuration.*6

*5. International standard which defines equipment hierarchy models for physical assets in manufacturing.
*6. This is not included in GENESIS64™ Basic SCADA.


Database access

GridWorX™ processes values retrieved from third-party databases such as Microsoft® SQL Server®, Oracle®, and ODBC, and displays values as tables and charts. Easily integrate with MES, ERP, work order systems, and other business applications, enabling detection and early identification of system issues.


Dashboard creation

KPIWorX™ is an application for delivering self-service executive dashboards to any desktop or mobile device, utilizing preconfigured widgets and symbols such as meters, alarms, trends, and charts for business intelligence. Get timely KPI and OEE information on any smartphone or tablet computer, or on your wrist with Apple Watch® support. Executives can quickly view insightful charts and analytics information for more proactive decision making.


Programming by flowchart

Workflow is continuous processing based on data such as real-time or historical data values, alarm notifications, faults, and more. It can be graphically configured and executed using a flowchart built from a library of highly-customizable activities.


Transaction-based processing by flowchart

BridgeWorX™ enables configuration and execution of transactions built on the powerful Workflow engine. Graphical data bridging enables users to rapidly implement data orchestration and integration tasks that adhere to business logic without requiring programming. BridgeWorX™ can access Microsoft® SQL Server®, Oracle®, Microsoft® Access®, SAP®, and virtually any real-time or archived manufacturing or business data source.

*7. GENESIS64™ includes LITE (5 transactions). Please refer to the function list (Aserver product) for details.

Comparison between Workflow and BridgeWorX™

  Workflow BridgeWorX™
Processable data Data on GENESIS64™ Data on GENESIS64™
Data/file/web service
Execution format Cycle Cycle, trigger


Centralized project management

Workbench is the multi-functional, centralized project management tool and configuration environment for all GENESIS64™ server applications, making development more efficient and minimizing design time for any application. Configure assets and historical logging from the same screen. Users can configure and manage their entire GENESIS64™ application from any workstation.


GOT (HMI) screen conversion

GOT (HMI) screen data created with GT Designer3 can be converted to GraphWorX™ data. Creating additional screens for GENESIS64™ is unnecessary, thereby reducing engineering time. A remote monitoring system enabling monitoring and operation with the GOT (HMI) in production sites and GENESIS64™ in the office can be configured.