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SCADA MC Works64

Integration of IoT in the factory

MC Works64 supports Azure® IoT Hub, allowing easier integration of IoT environment in the factory

MC HistorianOption
High-speed/highly reliable data collection

High performance and highly reliable data logger can collect 100,000 points/s*1 (standard trend collection performance of MC Works64 is 20,000 points/s*1). Computing results can be logged using a calculating formula. Log capacity reduction using high-pressure function (Swinging Door algorithm) enables a long-term logging. MC Historian stores data in the original database not in SQL Server®. A simplified version of MC Historian called MC Historian Express is available in both MC Works64 and MC Mobile packages.

MC Historian

*1.Depends on the system configuration.
Comparison of product package functions
Function/specifications MC Historian SD/R
(option package)
MC Historian Express
(MC Works64 standard package)
High speed logging
Calculation logging -
High pressure function -
Saving files in HDD*2
Redundant *3 -
Distributed processing *3 -
Maximum number of tags - 5000*4
Tag counting method Counted as MC Historian tag Counted as MC Works64 tag
*2.While MC Works64 saves logs in Microsoft® SQL Server® Express with 10GB limit, MC Historian saves logs directly in HDD enabling a long-term data storage and large amounts of data logging.
*3.Supported by MC Historian R only.
*4.Use MC Works64 tag.
Comparison of redundant functions
Function/specifications Redundancy with MC Works64
server license (two licenses)
including MC Historian R
Redundancy with MC Works64
server license (two licenses)
Redundant monitoring system (screen)
Redundant event/alarm
Redundant logging *5 -
Automatic server switching (manual switching is enabled)
Play back function*6 -
*5.MC Historian has two different redundant patterns.
*6.Retains data for a certain period of time when communications with the data storage are interrupted, then transfers log data to the data storage after communication recovery.

Wide-area monitoring

3D geographical information can be downloaded from the Internet and shown on the screen via EarthWorX. In addition, by assigning each tile of a smart pin with the status of a production line or piece of equipment, then arranging the smart pins on the map, the asset state can be easily visible.


IoT communication function for Cloud

IoTWorX communicates with Microsoft® Azure® general service: IoT Hub, allowing configuring IoT environment easily.


Report output function

Various types of reports including: daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports can be created using OPC or BACnet® real-time data, or from various databases (TrendWorX64, AlarmWorX64, MC Historian). This software can create report templates using Microsoft® Excel®, and output them in Excel®, HTML, or PDF format. MC Works64 includes the simplified version of ReportWorX Express*7, however, use of ReportWorX64 is recommended.


*7.ReportWorX64 and ReportWorX Express are compatible with the 32-bit version and 64-bit version of Microsoft® Excel® 2010 or later.
The differences of ReportWorX64 and ReportWorX Express are given below.
ReportWorX64: A variety of reports can be created from the database, and automatically saved. ReportWorX Express: Reports are created manually by selecting a random range (period) and the data in Excel®.