Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines

Mitsubishi Electric Industrial sewing machine responds to customer's needs with high performance and reliability.

Realized versatile lineup for various scenes of lifestyles with the concept from foot to the space. Advanced electronically controlled pattern sewing machines to lock-stitch machines are widely responded, improving the productivity of sewing factories. More Details

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Product List

  • Electronically controlled pattern sewing machine equipped with cutting-edge of technologies.

    • • Compact-Area Series
    • • Wide-Area Series
    • • Ultra-Thick Material Series
  • Lock-stitch machine with diverse functions and easy operation to increase productivity.

    • • Lockstitch Drop Feed
    • • Lockstitch Needle Feed
    • • Lockstitch Vertical Feed
    • • Lockstitch Unison Feed
    • • Basting
  • High reliability and versatile functions as a driving source for industrial sewing machines.

    • • Motor
  • Improved with various optional devices according to the work environment of workers.

    • • Control Switch Panel
    • • Automatic Presser Foot Lifter
    • • Variable-speed Pedal
    • • Short thread tail device
    • • Software package for creating sewing data