Factory Automation


Accessories and Related Components

A suitable to extend the function of the circuit breakers.

We have various types of accesory parts for our circuit breakers.
With those accessory parts you can enhance safety and usability.

Some products are regionally specific; for up to date sales availability, please check your local web page.

Product List

Internal Accessories AL, AX, SHT, UVT

These accessories are installed inside the breaker. AX indicates electrically the status of the breaker. AL indicates electrically the status of the breaker trip. SHT makes the breaker trip electrically by remote operation. UVT releases the breaker when the control voltage is dropped.

External Accessories Handle, TC, HL, MD

These accessories are mounted outside the breaker. An accessory operates electrically the breaker handle, or the external handle on the panel can provide the breaker operation.

Breaker Testers

For the WS-V series electronic type breakers, 125 to 250A frame, this device can perform the release tests and monitor and set the operating characteristics.


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