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Product Features

Mitsubishi's Magnetic Contactors and Magnetic Starters continue to push the boundaries.

Motor Starters / Contactors / Relays / Motor Protection Relays

MS-T Series new

MS-T Series

The new MS-T series is contactor pursuing miniaturization,standardization,safety / quality, smart wiring,global standard as its concept.

MS-N Series

MS-N Series

The MS-N series is contactor wide variety of correspond to any aspect. From a global perspective, it is safe, convenient, environmentally friendly product.

Definite Purpose Contactors

SD-Q Series

SD-Q Series

The SD-Q series is DC interface contactors designed to be directly driven by the transistor output DC24V. DC operated contactors of compact size and high ability.

Solid State Contactors

US-N/K Series


The US-N / K series is a solid-state contactors suitable for high-accuracy opening/closing.(motor and heater loading,etc)

US-H Series


The US-H series is a solid-state contactor dedicated to heater loading.

Motor Circuit Breakers

MMP-T Series new


The MMP-T series is Motor circuit breaker device integrating low voltage circuit breakers and thermal overload relays functions.