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Laser Drilling Machines

Delivers high precision laser drilling at ultra high speeds.
Mitsubishi Electric laser drilling machines serve as a platform for state-of-the-art technologies around the world.

We develop, design and manufacture.
This comprehensive approach provides high reliability.

GTW5 Series

2-beam-2-panel model

All-round model
Full fθ lens lineup for this model enables its application to various types of processes from copper direct drilling, resin direct drilling and small-diameter hole drilling.

Industry’s top-level productivity
New control technology "Synchrom", equipped as standard function, achieves overwhelming productivity, stable processing quality and high positioning accuracy.

Small diameter drilling that fascinates the world
Mitsubishi Electric's original optical technology allows the laser to drill holes less than 40μm in diameter, which has been considered too challenging for CO2 lasers.

GTF4 Series

GTF4 Series

4-beam-2-panel model

Package substrate drilling machine
Targeting at package substrate processing, this 4-beam machine realizes high productivity, stable quality and accurate positioning.

Overwhelming productivity
Mitsubishi Electric’s original optics for simultaneous 4-beam drilling and "5350UM ", laser oscillator exclusive for package substrate processing, achieve the industry’s top-class productivity.

High positioning accuracy
The newly developed galvano scanner "2700GL2" and ultra rigid machine frame realize extremely high positioning accuracy.

GTW5-UVF20 Series

GTW5-UVF20 Series

2-beam-2-panel model

Flexible substrate drilling machine
The "UV laser oscillator" with a laser wavelength of 355nm, suited for the processing of Polyimide which is the main material of flexible substrates, realizes consistent processing quality.

High speed trepanning
Mitsubishi Electric’s original galvano scanner, newly developed control technology "Synchrom" and high speed UV laser oscillator help bring higher productivity with consistent quality.

Stable mass-production
Equipped with a Reel-to-Reel (RtoR) sheet transfer device applicable to 250/260mm wide sheets. Delivers stable high-volume production on rolled materials.