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Full lineup of 2D Fiber laser processing machines

Full lineup of 2D Fiber laser processing machine

More Details

Fiber laser takes Mitsubishi Electric laser processing machines to an even higher level.

Full lineup of 2D Fiber laser processing machine

■High Speed

The Mitsubishi Electric fiber laser series is equipped with High-speed Control for Lasers (MHC-L), our original control method, which eliminates the need for axes to stop. Our latest, most sophisticated processing head maximizes the capability of the fiber laser to produce small, tightly focused laser beams, reducing the processing time of thin materials.


Equipped with Mitsubishi Electric's sophisticated control unit, drive system and fiber laser oscillator, our fiber laser systems offer eco-friendly laser cutting. It comes standard with an Eco Mode, which switches off components of the laser system in stages when the processing is suspended, minimizing power consumption during standby.

■High Quality

To achieve high-precision laser cutting, Mitsubishi Electric's fiber lasers are equipped with a power control system that quickly stabilizes the laser power. It also comes with a lightweight processing head, developed exclusively for fiber lasers, and a new trajectory control system which ensures high-speed processing accuracy.