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LA Series

CAD/CAM system for 2D laser processing machine

LA Series


The optimum software solution to improve the efficiency of Mitsubishi Electric laser processing machines.

(1) Fast programming is vital for increasing the efficiency of laser processing machines, capable of processing at high speeds.
"One-click nesting" makes it possible to generate nesting programs with superior material utilization in a very short time.

Usual operation

(2) The ability of the laser to keep cutting without problems is the key to success for any laser cutting application.
Collision between the processing head and work piece is one of the most common problems that occur when the cut part tips up.
This not only stops the machine and result in a cutting failure, but may also cause damage to the processing head, affecting the overall production schedule of the shop floor.
LA series provides various functionalities for collision avoidance to minimize the laser's non-productive time.


Prevents machine downtime
improves processing efficiency

(LA Series is a product of Mitsubishi Electric Mechatronics Software Corporation.)