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Energy Saving Support Software EcoAdviser


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Maisart AI and 5-point methodology automatically identify energy losses in manufacturing

(Only for MES3-EAP1-AI)

EcoAdviser identifies and quantifies energy losses based on AI analysis and Mitsubishi Electric’s five focusing points. Factors closely correlating with energy loss such as date and time, equipment and so on are prioritized in terms of potential for reducing losses through recommended countermeasures. Also, key points are clarified to ensure effective energy-saving measures. Factor diagnosis steadily improves as AI learns conditions and ongoing results.

Five focusing points

Energy-loss diagnosis screen

Energy-loss factor diagnosis result screen

Visualization of improvements realized through energy-saving initiatives

(Only for MES3-EAP1-AI)

Users can quickly confirm the scope of improvement through before-and-after comparisons of results. By continuously analyzing the effectiveness energy-saving countermeasures in a quantitative manner, improvements can be steadily enhanced by separately reviewing the effectiveness of each initiative.

Effect verification screen

Customizable energy dashboard enables diverse analytics

(for MES3-EAP1-DA and MES3-EAP1-AI)

A customizable dashboard allows users to focus on priority issues and key performance indicators (KPIs). Additionally, empirical evidence has shown that sharing energy KPI data with factory workers on large displays in a worksite promotes greater awareness and more attention to energy saving. EcoAdviser offers diverse analytical graphics, including pie charts, rankings, time series, box plots, scatter diagrams, pareto charts and histograms.


System configuration

System configuration case 1

System configuration case 2