Factory Automation


Electrical Indicators

Operation ease and viewable pursuing MITSUBISHI indicators.

Pursuing accuracy, long life, easy-to-read scales, and monitoring the power suuply or operational status of machine rapidly and accurately. MITSUBISHI indicators prepared suited model lineup in answer to diversified application needs.

  1. 1.Cost effective solution for digital measurement.
  2. 2.Input wiring support Function.

Some products are regionally specific; for up to date sales availability, please check your local web page.

Product List

Electronic Multi Measuring Instruments (ME96 Series)

Equipped with a full function of measuring, output and transmission. It supports the realization of measuring and monitoring systems that are user-friendly and easy-to-see.

Electronic Multi Measuring Instruments (ME110Super-S Series)

Wide-angle-view LCD and High-brightness backlight;
Motor start-up current masking;
Misconnected wiring detrection;
Test funtions;


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