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Standard certification contents

Standard certification contents

MELFA Series comply with various safety standards including CE standards and Korea Safety Certification.
Compliance with other standards is available in specialized models.Please contact us for details.


  • EMC Directive Conforms to 2004/108/EC
  • Machinery Directive Conforms to 2006/42/EC

China Electronic Information Products Pollution Prevention and Control Valve Law. (Revised Chinese Version RoHS)

  • From July 2016 production
  • Compatible models:Robot Model F/FR Series. (Except for special model)

Korea Safety Certification

  • KC:Korea Revised Radio Waves Act Conforms to Article 58-2.
  • KCs:Korea Industrial Safety and Health Act Conforms to Article 34 Paragraphs 1 and 4. (Please contact us individually)

※Industrial Safety and Health Act Enforcement Regulations Conforms to Articles 58-3 to 58-7. (Please contact us individually)