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Conveyor Tracking Application

Vision cameras detect workpieces on conveyors.
Workpieces are transported and aligned by robots without stopping conveyors.

Introduction advantages

Mitsubishi provides hardware, software, and supporting tools as a package to make designing, programming, and startup on tracking system configuration by customers easy. Introduction advantages

No more complex wiring!

  • Devices and cables required for tracking are packaged.
  • Wiring is completed only by connecting connectors.
  • Hands and vacuum solenoid valves for hands have already been installed to robots as default.
Easy wiring

Easy startup with just 5 steps!

  • Easy startup with wizard format (interactive format) of dedicated tools (No manuals are required. Just touch buttons following messages shown in the screen.)
  • No need to create robot programs
  • No more complex communication settings and parameter settings (automatic setting)
  • Calibration of conveyors and vision sensors is also completed only by following instructions on the wizard.
  • Startup adjustment can be easily performed in the wizard format!
*Teaching operation is required in the calibration screen.

Easy startup

High-accuracy and high-speed operation can be performed!

  • Synchronization performance of vision recognition and conveyor speed is improved by the new high-speed input function.
  • Dedicated programs optimized for tracking with higher speed and higher accuracy are installed.