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Ceiling mounted, horizontal type robot

Ceiling_mounted type robot MELFA

RH-3FHR series Specifications (F series)

Please refer to the "Catalogs" for a robot and the details of the robot arm options.

RH-3FHR series

Type Unit RH-3FHR3515 RH-3FHR3512C *1 RH-3FHR3512W *1
Outside dimensions   RH-3FHR
Environmental specifications   IP20(Standard) ISO class 5(Clean) *2 IP65(Waterproof) *3
Installation   Ceiling type
Maximum load capacity kg maximum 3 (Rated 1)
Maximum reach radius mm 350
Operating range J1 deg 450(-225 to +225)
J2 450(-225 to +225)
J3(Z) mm 150 120
J4 deg 1440(-720 to +720)
Maximum speed J1 deg 672
J2 708
J3(Z) mm 1500
J4 deg 3146
Cycle time *4 sec 0.32
Position repeatability Y-X composite mm -0.01 to +0.01
J3(Z) -0.01 to +0.01
J4 deg -0.01 to +0.01
Connected controller *5   CR750, CR751

*1) The environmental resistance specifications of RH-3FHR (C: Clean specification, W: Waterproof specification) are factory-set custom specifications.
*2) Preservation of cleanliness levels depends on conditions of a downstream flow of 0.3 m/s in the clean room and internal robot suctioning. A fai8-mm coupler for suctioning is provided at the back of the base.
*3) Direct jet to the bellows is excluded.
*4) Based on a load capacity of 1 kg. The cycle time may increase if specific requirements apply such as high work positioning accuracy, or depending on the operating position.
(The cycle time is based on back-and-forth movement over a vertical distance of 25 mm and horizontal distance of 300 mm.)
*5) Select either controller according to your application.