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Product Features

MELFA pruduct features

Enhanced cooperation with FA products

The seamless integration of machines enables flexible manufacturing tailored to the type of production.
This improves productivity and maintainability and can reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

    Please refer to the "Catalogs" for a robot and the details of the robot arm options.

Enhanced cooperation with FA products

iQ Platform

Batch management of multiple robots
Batch management of multiple robots

Integration with the MELSEC iQ-R series PLCs enables more advanced tasks.

  • Shorter I/O processing times due to faster CPU data communication
  • PLC management allows large volumes of information to be sent to and from robots in real time.
  • Allows direct read/write operations to memory shared between robot CPUs.Less wasted time because large amounts of data can be shared.

Batch management of multiple robots

Robots on the PLC network can be accessed from a computer connected to the main CPU. Allows shorter startup times for robots on the production line and improved maintenance.

CC-Link IE Field/SLMP

CC-Link IE Field/SLMP

  • Compatible with CC-Link IE Field and SLMP.
  • Allows seamless data communication systemwide,from the production management level down to the device level.
  • Allows simple connection using just LAN cables.
  • Enables general-purpose Ethernet devices compatible with SLMP (vision sensors, etc.) to be used with robot programs.
  • Allows robot information (device information) to be collected from higher level devices.

GOT integration

The GOT integration function makes it easy to use features such as recipe functions through setup switching, data collection and checking of robot operations and information. Production site HMIs can be integrated with GOT to help improve operation and maintainability.

Support for the "e-F@ctory" FA integrated solution

Support for the e-F@ctory FA integrated solution

Robot information can be sent to the MES database server using PLCs and MES interface units. The simple system construction allows you to obtain the robot production information (using the device allocation function).
Simple connection and integration of various types of FA devices (PLCs, GOT, servos, etc.).
The GOT MES interface function can be used to integrate various types of information from FA devices, including robots, thereby improving productivity and maintainability.

GOT backup/restore functions Robot data on the GOT can be backed up to and restored from a SD card or USB memory stick. PC is no need.(For GT21 or better)
This helps prevent data from being lost due to the empty battery or robot malfunction. Data can be saved after periodic maintenance tasks are performed or when unexpected errors occur.
Shared memory expansion Enhanced efficiency of monitoring and maintenance operations onsite using a single GOT (display device) as the Human Machine Interface (HMI).Enables the robot to be controlled from the GOT even without a teaching box.
Current robot position data, error information, etc. can be displayed easily on the GOT.
Device monitoring function Allows the status of FA equipment such as PLCs, motion controllers, robot controllers and CNCs to be checked without a computer.
Useful for tasks such as starting up devices.
Logging & graphs list Uses GOT to collect and display data from equipment such as PLCs and robots.
Data can be checked in readily understandable graphs and lists, allowing early identification and analysis of the causes when faults occur.
Recipe function This enables you to store data for each product in GOT and then write only the required data to a PLC, which simplifies the process of changing the setup for very varied manufacturing lines.
GOT connection
(transparent function)
Programs and parameters can be edited from the USB interface on the front of the GOT using a transparent function for improved operability.(For GOT2000 series)

Maintenance (log function)

Robot information before and after an error occurs, and the program execution status can be automatically sent to the FTP server or saved on an SD card as log data.
The operation log can also be retrieved, so causes of errors can be analyzed efficiently.
(RT ToolBox3 is required.)

Maintenance log function

Easier robot information management

Easier robot information management

  • Memory is included in the robot body and used to store robot-specific information. This makes it easy to switch robot controllers.
  • Information can also be collected without visiting the workplace, simplifying the formulation of maintenance plans.