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Industrial robot MELFA RH-FRH series

RH-FRH series

RH-FRH series introduction

RH-FRH series feature
  • Ideal for a wide range of fields, high-volume production of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals that demands fast operation, assembly work where high levels of precision are required.
  • Designed to withstand environmental conditions, making it ideal for a wide range of application.
  • Maximum load capacity: 3kg to 20kg
  • Robot controller: 3 types
    Select one of the following controllers according to the application.
    CR800-R: MELSEC iQ-R Series compatible type (Compatible with the "iQ Platform")
    CR800-Q: MELSEC Q Series compatible type (Compatible with the "iQ Platform")
    CR800-D: Standalone type
 Preventing cable interference

Preventing cable interference
Internal wiring channels provided in the tip axis. The problem of wiring and tube tangles can be eliminated. (Specify models with internal cabling (-SHxx)).

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RH-FRH series lineup

With a wealth of operating areas and variations, it is the perfect fit for a variety of applications.

RH-FRH series Lineup

Please refer to the catalog for details.

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Robot controller introduction

Improved controller performance

Control cycles on FR series controllers take just half the current time, improving robot control performance.
The faster calculation speed gives better robot processing capacity and shorter cycle times for improved productivity.
Integration with the various sensors also makes precision operation possible.
(The performance of FR series Q type controller is equivalent to F series Q type controller.)

R type controller


Integration with the MELSEC iQ-R series PLCs enables more advanced tasks.

  • This controller is compatible with the "iQ Platform".
  • The R Type controllers supported by the MELSEC iQ-R series dramatically improve compatibility with FA equipment, allowing information to be shared mutually and data to be collected and processed.
  • Improved system bus performance has also reduced communication cycles to 1/4 of current levels, allowing shorter cycle times for production facilities.

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Q type controller

  • This controller is compatible with the "iQ Platform".
  • Seamlessly integrates the various controllers used in a production site with HMIs, the engineering environment and the network.
  • Uses a multi-CPU configuration that offers highly precise control and fast yet simple information management.

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D type controller

  • A standalone controller similar to existing models.
  • Enables the construction of cells using robot controllers as the control nucleus.
  • Comes with various interfaces as standard, allowing customers to build a system optimized for their applications.

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