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Product Features

MELFA Smart Plus

Calibration assistance function

Time-consuming teaching has been automated and accuracy improved!

    For details on this function, please refer to the catalog "MELFA Smart Plus".

A Type

Type of Calibration assistance function

Using the 2D vision sensor, the following calibration functions can be used.

Function name Usefulness Description
Automatic calibration Robot/2D vision sensor integration Input multiple values such as the robot and sensor coordinates, and the relative position between the robot and camera is automatically calculated.
Calibration of work coordinates Robots and peripheral devices/jigs Calibration between the robot coordinates and optional coordinates such as peripheral devices, jigs, and workpieces is performed using a vision sensor.
Relative position calibration Robots working with robots Multiple robots recognize the same workpiece coordinates and use them to find the relative position between each other.

System architecture

System architecture

Automatic calibration

Calibration of coordinates can be done automatically. Automating the teaching process has made set-up extremely simple!
Usefulness: Robot/2D vision sensor integration

Simple set-up!

  • The automates the teaching work required for existing calibration and allows you to perform calibration using a robot program.
  • Configure settings such as the camera position, FOV, and resolution in the automatic calibration window. Automatic teaching and automatic calibration is possible.

Automatic calibration

Automatic calibration screen

Improved accuracy!

With automatic calibration, operating conditions are stabilized and accuracy is increased.

Cameras can be mounted in three positions

Cameras can be mounted in three position

Calibration of work coordinates

Teaching is now automated.
This makes calibration of the robot and peripheral devices extremely simple.
Usefulness: Robots and peripheral devices/jigs

Troublesome teaching work eliminated!

  • Teaching of workpiece coordinates is automated.
  • Set-up time and troublesome work reduced.

Automatic calibration
Use the automatic calibration function to carry out calibration between the robot and hand eye in advance.

Calibration of work coordinates

Calibration possible even in environments where workpiece coordinates and the robot's relative position change!

Automatic calibration is possible even in environments where the workpiece coordinates and the robot's relative position change.
Easy calibration of robots and pallets installed on automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or carts.

Automatic calibration

Relative position calibration

Reduce man-hours spent improving accuracy and setting up interference avoidance and collaborative operation!

  • Calibration is automated so that the same work coordinates can be used by multiple robots.
  • It is possible to calculate the relationship between multiple robots.
  • Reduce worker errors and workloads!

Cameras can be mounted in three position