Product Features


Product Features

MELFA Smart Plus

Enhancement function for force sense control

AI function

AI adjusts parameters to give the optimum operation pattern.
Anyone can adjust parameters quickly and easily.

For details on this function, please refer to the catalog "MELFA Smart Plus".

Supported robots

Robot Type Robot controller RT ToolBox3
FR series, CR series CR800-D/R/Q Ver.A4 or later. Ver.1.50C or later

Optimization by learning

  • AI adjusts parameters automatically for optimum force sense control.
  • Parameters can be adjusted by anyone easily in a short amount of time as AI selects the most suitable parameter for you.
  • Set-up and tact times are reduced by 60%.
    (Compared to the time taken for connector insertion with our settings.)
Enhancement function for force sense control

Force sensor features

Enhancement function for force sense control

A force sensor has the "force sense function" which provides a sense of force to a robot.
The robot can sense force applied to its hand during the assembly or machining of workpieces just like a person, enabling work which requires fine force adjustment and force detection.

  • Controls the robot so that it moves delicately along the contours of a workpiece.
  • Operates with a constant force in a direction specified by the user.
  • Changes the delicacy level for the robot movement and the conditions of contact detection during operation.
  • Obtains the position and force data at the time of contact.

Settings for learnings and learning

By repeating the learning operation, AI optimizes control parameters, positions and speed!

Enhancement function for force sense control