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Product Features

MELFA Smart Plus

Enhancement function for force sense control

AI adjusts parameters to give the optimum operation pattern.
Anyone can adjust parameters quickly and easily!

  • Supported with robot controller CR800-D/R/Q software Ver.A4 or later.
  • Supported with RT ToolBox3 Ver.1.50C or later.

    For details on this function, please refer to the catalog "MELFA Smart Plus".

B Type

Optimization by learning

AI adjusts parameters automatically for optimum force sense control.
Parameters can be adjusted by anyone easily in a short amount of time as AI selects the most suitable parameter for you.
Set-up and tact times are reduced by 60%! (*1)

Optimization by learning
Optimization by learning

Settings for learnings and learning

Settings for learnings and learning

What is Force Sensor?

A force sensor has the "force sense function" which provides a sense of force to a robot.
The robot can sense force applied to its hand during the assembly or machining of workpieces just like a person, enabling work which requires fine force adjustment and force detection.

  • Controls the robot so that it moves delicately along the contours of a workpiece.
  • Operates with a constant force in a direction specified by the user.
  • Changes the delicacy level for the robot movement and the conditions of contact detection during operation.
  • Obtains the position and force data at the time of contact.

Optimization by learning