Product Features


Product Features

MELFA Smart Plus

Robot mechanism thermal compensation function

AI function

Thermal expansion of the robot arm can be compensated for with the thermal compensation function.

For details on this function, please refer to the catalog "MELFA Smart Plus".

Supported robots

Robot Type Robot controller RT ToolBox3(*1)
FR series CR800-D/R/Q Ver.A3 or later.
(MELFA Smart Plus cardpack [2F-DQ510]: Ver.A1 or later.)
Ver.1.00 or later
CR series CR800-D/R/Q Ver.A5p or later Ver.1.90U or later

Improved accuracy

  • The thermal compensation function compensates for thermal expansion of the robot arm to increasepositioning accuracy.
  • This improves system stability and the quality of products.
  • The total cost of systems can also be reduced as no external sensor is required for temperature compensation.
Improved accuracy

*Compensation accuracy varies depending on the robot model and operating conditions (load, position, speed, etc.).
*Enable this function at startup. If this function is enabled while the robot is being taught, or disable after the teaching process, the robot may deviate from its taught position during operation


  • Useful for high-precision tasks such as the assembly and arrangement of minute parts.
    (Installing ICs on circuit boards and transporting unusually shaped objects)
  • Maintained accuracy for work that involves high temperatures due to high-speed operation.
    (In-transport arrangement of minute parts)