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MELFA Smart Plus Features

Predictive maintenance function

Predictive maintenance function

The predictive maintenance function lets you know of failing or deteriorating parts at an early stage. This reduces downtime.

  • The preventive maintenance function (A-type function) is also available if this predictive maintenance function (B-type function) is activated.

Supported MELFA Smart Plus card type

A brand encompassing Mitsubishi Electric's proprietary AI technology, including "compact AI" and AI basic and a pplied technologies.

For details on this function, please refer to the catalog "MELFA Smart Plus".

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Fault detection function

  • Applicable parts: Reduction gears, encoders, batteries.
  • The fault detection function detects failing or deteriorating robot parts at an early stage.
  • Detecting failing parts before abnormalities in robot behavior become apparent reduces downtime.
  • Set a threshold value that suits your needs.
    A warning of failing or deteriorating parts will trigger if the value exceeds the predetermined detection level.

*The score is calculated for reduction gears while the motor is running at a speed of 500 rpm or more.

Predictive maintenance function
Fault detection function

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Supported devices

MELFA Smart Plus card type

Component name Model name
MELFA Smart Plus card B-type 2F-DQ521
MELFA Smart Plus card pack AB-Type 2F-DQ520


Some joints do not support the fault detection function. Details can be found from MELFA Smart Plus catalog.

Robot Type Robot controller RT ToolBox3
FR series RV-2FR(L), RV-4FR(L), RV-7FR(L/LL), RV-13FR(L), RV-20FR
CR800-D/R/Q Ver.A4 or later. Ver.1.50C or later
CR series RV-8CRL
CR800-D Ver.A5p or later Ver.1.90U or later

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