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Product Features

MELFA Smart Plus

Preventive maintenance function

The preventive maintenance function lets you know beforehand when parts should be maintained or replaced.
Maintenance is now even more efficient!

  • Applicable parts: Consumable parts (grease, timing belts, etc.), overhaulable parts (reduction gears, bearings, ball screws, ball splines)
  • Applicable robot models: Please refer to the catalog "MELFA Smart Plus".
  • Supported with robot controller CR800-D/R/Q software Ver.A3 or later.
  • Supported with RT ToolBox3 Ver.1.30G or later.
  • Simulation is not supported when using RT ToolBox3 mini.

    For details on this function, please refer to the catalog "MELFA Smart Plus".

A Type

Maintenance simulation

The preventive maintenance function estimates the recommended maintenance period and when to replace consumable parts.
This is done by observing repeat patterns in sample programs used by the robot or executed in the simulator in RT Toolbox3.

Maintenance simulation screen

Output data

  • Grease replenishment period (per axis)
  • Timing belt replacement period (per axis)
  • Recommended maintenance period for overhaulable parts
    (per axis)*1

*1) For overhaulable parts such as reduction gears, bearings, ball screws, the internals of ball splines, the part which needs to be overhauled the earliest will be displayed.

Wear calculation function

  • A function that calculates the wear of components(*2) from the operational status (current, load, etc.) based on the robot's movements and posture.
  • It also calculates the time left until inspection, maintenance and overhaul periods.
  • It is possible to check more detailed information than the "Maintenance forecasting".

*2) The wear ratio of each part is a reference value to assist the maintenance and inspection schedule calculated based on the robot's operational status. It does not guarantee that this is the actual remaining life of the part.
*3) Download sample GOT screen data from the Mitsubishi Electric FA Global Website.

Wear calculation function screen