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Multifunctional Electric Hand Option

Multifunctional Electric Hand Option

Multifunctional Electric Hand Option

The multifunctional electric hand option supports customer's various applications with various functions, great lineup, and highly accurate gripping.


Highly advanced control impossible with air cylinders.

  • • Grip force/speed setting according to the target workpiece
    Grip patterns can be set according to the grip target, such as soft workpieces and heavy workpieces, with the torque specification and gripspeed setting.
  • • Operation stroke setting according to the shape of the target workpiece
    Even when target workpieces are different in size, the optimal stroke can be specified with the operation position specification.
  • • Easily applied to inspection, in addition to workpiece handling
    Applications to inspection are possible with feedbacks of the torque or position of the hand, including whether a workpiece is gripped or not or whether a workpiece is acceptable or not with workpiece dimension measurement.

Simple control/Easy operation

The operation stroke and grip force can easily be configured for the workpiece shape using the robot programming.
The gripper can be freely controlled from the dedicated gripper screen in the teaching box.

Highly advanced control

The highly-functional operation control that cannot be performed with air cylinders

The gripping force and speed can be specified to suit the target, whether it's a heavy object or involves delicate work.
Even when handling multiple workpieces of varying sizes, the operating positions can be specified so that the optimum stroke is configured.
Product inspections can be informed by positional feedback from the gripper, such as whether gripping was successful or whether workpiece measurements indicate that it is acceptable.

Highly advanced control

Attachment diagram

Electric hand attachment diagram


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