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Vertical type robot

Vertical type robot MELFA

RV-F series lineup

Lineup of Vertical type robot

F series the environmentresistant specifications (Medical,food IP65)

For medicinal products and foods
The resistance to corrosion due to chemical cleaning is enhanced,and this improves detergency and cleanliness.
These types of robots are applicable to the production environments including conveying or processing medicinal products and foods.

Enhanced resistance to acid and alkaline cleaning liquids

  • Since special coating (compliant to FDA *1) and special sealing are applied to these types of robots, they can be used in an environment sterilized with hydrogen peroxide gas and withstand wipe cleaning with hydrogen peroxide water.
  • Stainless materials are used to enhance the corrosion resistance.
  • (*1: Food and Drug Administration)

NSF H1 *2 -certified grease for food machinery

  • The grease for food machinery is used to improve cleanliness.
  • (*2: Sanitation guideline of NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) in the United States)

Surface shape that prevents foreign matter from getting into and remaining inside

  • Specially-shaped bolts and the smooth surface facilitate daily cleaning.


  • RV-4F series
  • RV-7F series
  • RV-13F series
  • RV-20F series