Collaborative with
No Safety Fence

Advanced in safety technology enable humans to share a workspace with our robots.

No robot programming expertise

We provide Easy Programming - Just touching on the tablet screen, which makes easy and quick set up.

A Wide Variety of Components

Various Components -Grippers, Fingers, Vision and other peripherals make automation easier and faster.

The Time Has Come
- Robot Can Be Moved Easily.

ASSISTA does not require specialized knowledge or expertise.
"Visual Programming" -Touching the tablet screen for programming and
"Direct Teaching"-Moving robot arms for memorization of its position,
realize easy to use.

Integrate. Collaborate.

Imagine your workplace.
Grip, See and Move.
ASSISTA's components open a new future for collaborateive
with humans and robots.

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Collaborative Robot Partners

*Products each partner supply may not be available in the region where you consider purchase.
For details, please inquire at each company.

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