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MELFA-Works Features

3D robot simulator offering powerful support for system design and preliminary layout.

This includes programming and editing, operational checking before robots are installed, measureing process tact time,debugging during robot startup, monitoring robot operation after startup, and trouble shooting.

What is MELFA-Works?

MELFA-Works is an add-in tool(*1) for SolidWorks(*2) that can be used to simulate Mitsubishi Electric industrial robots.
Using MELFA-Works, it becomes possible to verify robot program operations and creat processing path data.

*1) An add-in tool is a software program that adds certain functions to application software packages.
*2) SolidWorks® is a registered trademark of SolidWorks Corp, (USA).
*This product requires SolidWorks. Please note that SolidWorks needs to be provided by the customer.

Example Screens for MELFA-Works

Features of MELFA-Works

  • MELFA-Works is an add-in tool that runs under SolidWorks.
  • MELFA-Works can simulate production systems using robots on personal computers, and it is possible to make use of peripheral devices and parts such as hands created using SolidWorks as it is.
  • In the simulation it is possible to convert processing paths defined for workpieces to data and output this data.
  • Since MELFA-Works includes RT ToolBox2 (mini), it can create programs and change parameters.


Item Software Version
OS Microsoft Windows®XP Professional (32bit) SP3
Microsoft Windows®Vista Professional(32bit)
Microsoft Windows®7 Professional (32bit/64bit)
Microsoft Windows®8 Professional (64bit)
Microsoft Windows®8.1 Professional (64bit)
* A language intends for only English edition. Cannot guarantee of product, if it was used by other languages.
* 64bit OS is non-correspondence.
*Windows is registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
3D-CAD SolidWorks®2010 ~ SolidWorks®2015
RT ToolBox2 It is bundled to setup DVD of MELFA-Works.
If RT ToolBox2 is not installed, the simulator function cannot be used, so please install it.
If you use RT ToolBox2 not bundled to MELFA-Works, please use RT ToolBox2(Ver.2.00A. or later).