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RT ToolBox2 Features

This PC software supports everything from system startup to debugging, simulation, maintenance and operation.
This includes programming and editing, operational checking before robots are installed, measureing process tact time,debugging during robot startup, monitoring robot operation after startup, and trouble shooting.


  • Easy operation on Windows®.
  • Compatible with Windows®R10, Windows®R8.1, Windows®R8, Windows®7(32bit1.8 or later, 64bit2.0 or later), Windows®Vista, Windows®XP
*Windows is registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Support for all processes

Support for all processes, from programming and startup to maintenance

  • Programming can be completed using the MELFA-BASIC IV/V and Movemaster languages (vary depending on the model).
  • Robot movement and operating status, input signals, and servo status can be monitored.

Enhanced simulation functions

  • This function is compatible with all models that connect to CRn-500 series and CRn-700 controllers.
  • Robots can be operated and tact time calculated using a personal computer. (Not available for the mini version.)
  • Robot movements, operating status, input signals, and servo status can be monitored.

Advanced maintenance functions

  • The software has a maintenance function that notifies the operaters greasing periods, battery life cycles as well as position recovery support function when trouble occurs, etc.
  • It is effective for preventative maintenance, shortening of recovery time.