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Vision Sensor

Vision sensors

Compact/reduced wiring stand-alone type Vision sensor VS80

VS80 VS70 VS20High-performance and robust PatMax RedLine®

PatMax RedLine® technology can find object shapes even in images which are difficult to detect due to noise, low contrast and reflection. The vision sensor detects out-of-focus images due to distortion of an object and variation of thickness at high speed, reducing inspection time such as pattern matching, filtering, defect detection, and barcode reading.

Since PatMax RedLine® can calculate an accurate position adjusted value, a mechanism to align objects is no longer required, thereby contributing to cost reduction and downsizing of facility.

VS80 VS70 VS20All necessary functions included

Mitsubishi Electric vision sensors are integrated vision sensors with all necessary functions embedded. Image acquisition, powerful vision tool library, and inspection result output function are available.

VS80 VS70 VS20Support color verification

Color model

Monochrome model

Color sensor model supports presence/absence applications, including color verification.

VS80 VS70 VS20Integrated lighting and filter


A high-powered LED ring light can be attached to the product front and does not require an external lighting. Novice user can easily install the product.
The integrated filter type eliminates the need to attach a filter to the light and lens.

VS80 VS70 VS20Extensive option products

Lightings, lenses, and filters can be selected from a wide range of option products, providing users with flexibility to customize according to requirements. Also, these field-changeable options support change of works and conditions after installation.

VS80 VS70 VS20Lighting according to measured item characteristics

Lighting can be changed according to measured object and color.

Color Features General applications
  • Visualizes all wavelength except black
  • Ideal for color camera
  • For color verification
  • For shooting objects traveling at high speed
  • Visualizes tiny objects with high scattering rate
  • For inspecting blue objects
  • For finding minor defect at high resolution
  • Wavelength highest in sensitivity
  • For shooting red objects
  • Low scattering rate and high transmittance
  • Visualizes objects which are difficult to visualize in visible light
  • For inspecting scratches, missing parts, and letters under near infrared transmissive dye ink

Colors that are opposite each other on Hue circle are called complementary colors.
Lighting complementary color of the item color changes the item color closer to black.

VS80 VS70 VS20Field customizable to your applications

Lens/lighting can be selected according to the operating environment

Lens/lighting can be selected from options according to the system.

VS80 VS70 VS20Vision sensor monitor function

Through its interconnectivity with the MELSENSOR vision sensor and the GOT (HMI), the vision sensor system can be easily configured with a GOT (HMI), vision sensor, and Ethernet cable only.
Monitoring of the vision sensor and parameter registration can be done from the GOT  (HMI) screen, realizing operation of the vision sensor system without a computer.

Item Specifications
Number of detectable vision sensor (modules) Max. 64
Number of monitor/editable job files Max. 100
Editable parameters Parameters for correcting inspection area and model area
Creating new job files Not allowed*1
Vertical display Not allowed
*1. To create a new job file, use In-Sight Explorer for MELSENSOR Vision.
Compatible products
Product Series Firmware version
Vision sensor VS80, VS70, VS20 Ver. 5.7.5
GOT (HMI) GOT2000 Series GT27, GT25 Ver. 1.235V or later