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Vision Sensor

Vision sensor VS20

Ideal for simple presence/absence inspection Vision Sensor VS20

Field customizable to your applications

Compact palm-sized

Integrated compact size ideal for installation in space-constrained production lines. The configuration can be changed according to the installation space.

Product lineup

Different models according to applications are available.

Item VS20M-11F310 VS20M-12F410 VS20C-12F410 VS20M-13F410 VS20C-13F410
Imagery Monochrome Monochrome Color Monochrome Color
Image resolution
640 × 480 (standard)
640 × 480 (2 × image magnification)
800 × 600 (2 × image magnification)
Maximum image acquisition speed (frame/s) 40 75 55 75 55
Processor performance*1 (times) 1 2 2 2 2
PatMax RedLine®
Location tools Pattern
Edge, edge intersection, and circle*2
absence tools
Color pixel count,
brightness, contrast
Edge, circle
Measurement tools Distance, angle, and
diameter of circle
Counting tools Pattern, edge
  • *1. Considering VS20M-11F310 as 1.
  • *2. Location information detected can be used for inspection by other tools.

Working distance

The distance from a lens to an inspection target is referred to as "working distance", and an area where a vision sensor can see at that distance is referred to as "field of view".

Horizontal Field of View (640 × 480 (default))

Horizontal Field of View
(640 × 480 (2 × image magnification mode))

Horizontal Field of View
(800 × 600 (2 × image magnification mode))