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"iQ Monozukuri" is a step toward achieving e-F@ctory.

The FA application package "iQ Monozukuri" is a product that has been optimized through the accumulation of knowhow,
which supports various problem solutions of the customer during manufacturing, and enables effective system installation, expansion, and operation/maintenance.
What is iQ Monozukuri?

Product List

Process Remote Monitoring

Visualizing operation status and introducing IoT technologies to the shop floor to improve manufacturing process and productivity.


ANDON display improves productivity by sharing information between workers.

Smart Work Navigator

Systems for supporting picking and assembly work can be easily developed and operated.

Rotary Machine Vibration Diagnosis

Predictive maintenance can be realized for the facilities with rotary machines.

Tool Wear Diagnosis for Machine Tools

Tool wear conditions are tracked by using IoT data to help optimize tool operation and improve processing quality.

Processing Machine Loading

The setup and development of a processing machine loading/unloading system is supported.

Force-sense Application

Various force sensing operations such as assembly, fitting, and inspection have been automated.

Deburring / Polishing

Deburring and polishing can be automated just by rough teaching.


The development of a converting system that requires unwinding and winding control is supported.


The development of a conveyance mechanism that requires the calculation of coordinate conversion is supported.


The development of a packaging machine that requires cam control and position correction is supported.

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