Factory Automation

FA Application Package Rotary Machine Vibration Diagnosis


"iQ Monozukuri Rotary Machine Vibration Diagnosis" is an application that helps to visualize the equipment condition and
presume the faulty area by collecting, analyzing, and diagnosing vibration data from equipment with rotating machinery.

Equipment to Be Diagnosed

Diagnosis is performed on equipment that can continue to rotate in the same direction for a certain period of time*1, at a constant speed, and at a constant load, such as motors, air blowers (fans, blowers), compressors, pumps, reduction/increase drives, agitators, conveyors, and converting machines.
Note that equipment that generate shock vibration such as press machines and equipment that generate vibration due to self-propulsion such as AGVs are not diagnosed.

Compressors, etc.

Compressors, etc.

Spindle motor of the machining machine

Spindle motor of the machining machine
(Only when idling is allowed)

Press machines, AGVs, etc.

Press machines, AGVs, etc.

Problems in maintaining equipment with rotating machinery

Rotary Machine Vibration Diagnosis Package
solves these problems

  • Prevent a breakdown
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve maintenance efficiency
  • Extend periodic maintenance intervals
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Improve equipment reliability

No need to stop equipment to find and identify faults, which leads to further
"improvement of productivity and quality".


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