Factory Automation


Basic information

Model nameME96SSRB-MB
OverviewEquipped with a full function of measuring, output and transmission. It supports the realization of measuring and monitoring systems that are user-friendly and easy-to-see.
Conformance standardcURus FCC CE(EMC) CE(LVD) CE(RoHS) UKCA(EMC) UKCA(LV) UKCA(RoHS) ChinaRoHS KC(EMC)
Sales statusOn sale


One device has multifunction

ME96SS series can replace several measuring devices with one device.

Data backup

ME96SSHB/ME96SSRB are available with built-in logging function and an optional module (ME-0000BU-SS96, ME-0000BU25-SS96) which can retain data even when communication cannot be established.


ME96SS has MODBUS RTU(RS-485) communication function as standard. Also there are available optional modules usable CC-Link communication and MODBUS TCP communication in an Ethernet network.

Checking Input Wiring Support Function

Incorrect wiring pattern display function
Whether the voltage/current input wirings are correct or not is displayed. As for the incorrect wiring display pattern, see the instruction manual.