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e-F@ctory Alliance Partners

e-F@ctory Ecosystem – Co-creation
with over 900 Partners*

Alliance Partners

As a solutions provider, we collaborate with many partners across all monozukuri fields. This ecosystem provides optimal solutions in various regions and fields in response to the issues experienced by our customers.

*As of June 2019

e-F@ctory Alliance
Alliance Partner Cases

  • Producing entire production systems
    Achieving advanced systems integration

    Combining Mitsubishi Electric FA equipment and other products, systems integrators propose systems solutions for everything from shop floors to information systems to customers.

  • Development of application software strengthening connection affinity with Mitsubishi FA devices

    Utilizing information-sharing products and technologies such as Mitsubishi Electric's EZSocket and SLMP, vendors develop and propose excellent application software and drivers that ensure the connection compatibility of Mitsubishi Electric FA equipment.

  • Provide device compatibility with Mitsubishi FA equipment Achieve improved system builds and maintainability

    Manufacturers proposing peripheral equipment that is easy to connect with Mitsubishi Electric FA equipment and is easier to use.

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