Core Products/Technologies

Introduction of Core Products/Technologies

The Advanced Products, Software and Networks
Behind e-F@ctory

The new e-F@ctory enables connectivity with an even higher number of devices and networks.
e-F@ctory goes beyond the barriers of companies and standards to connect a wide variety of devices and equipment to each other to make innovative monozukuri possible.

Edge Computing/Products

Industrial PC

Suited to the two applications of “real-time control” for control of devices, and “edge computing” to collect and analyze data in the edge layer. The extensive lineup features everything from high-end to low-range models, and contributes to improvements on the production shop floor through data utilization.

  • Equipped with Windows® and VxWorks®, integrates device control and information processing into one module
  • High-accuracy device control with CC-Link IE Field Network

MI3000 Able to display and operate data collected

MI3000/MI2000 Able to accumulate data analysis and large-capacity data

MI1000 Computer functions in a compact size

Edgecross-compatible Software

Data analysis/diagnosis software
Real-time Data AnalyzerMaisartiQ Edgecross
  • Enables offline analysis and real-time diagnosis of a wide variety of data from the shop floor.
  • AI Maisart* waveform recognition technology makes it possible to learn/recognize the sensor current wavelengths of devices.
  • Enables detection of faults within the system with easy-to-use statistical methods such as the Mahalanobis-Taguchi method and multiple regression analysis.

*Abbreviation of Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the-ART in technology.

GOT2000-compatible HMI Software
GT SoftGOT2000MELSOFTGTSoftGOT2000iqEdgecross
  • Able to use GOT2000 functions on a computer
  • Able to reuse screen data from the GOT2000 Series
  • Interconnectivity with other applications
Mitsubishi Electric SCADA software
MC Works64 Edge Computing EditionMCWorks64iqEdgecross
  • Enables monitoring of a wide variety of data from the shop floor
  • Enables remote monitoring with 3D display and other forms of advanced visuals and web browser/mobile devices
Energy Saving Support Software
  • Enables not only measurement/collection of energy data,but also various analyses to suit the operational status,such as usage ratio, variation, and correlation diagrams.

Use databases without computers or programs
MES Interface Products

PLC MES Interface Module

Directly connects PLCs and databases without using gateway computer or communication program.

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Computerized Numerical Controller (CNC)
M800/M80 Series MES Interface Function

CNC sends machining information and operation status of machine tools to MES.

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GOT2000 HMI MES Interface Function
Graphic Operation Terminal

The GOT2000 HMI collects and sends data to the MES from FA products connected to it.

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OPC UA Built-in Servers - Building secure systems

MELSEC iQ Series
OPC UA Server Module

Simply setup using OPC UA communications.

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High-Speed Logging
of Shop Floor Information

High-speed Data Logger Module

High-speed data collection and output to various file formats such as Unicode, CSV and Binary.

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BOX Data Logger

Easy installation for data collection as a standalone type.

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Performing Control, Information Processing
and Host Communication Process with a C/C++ Programs

C Controller Module

Easy development of embedded programs with C/C++ instead of ladder logic.

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MELSEC iQ-R Series
C Intelligent Function Module

Easy development of embedded programs with C/C++ to assist control programs on PLCs High-durability, capable of operation for extended periods.

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IT System/Software

MC Works64

MC Works64 helps to fulfill a vast variety of needs related to monitoring and control, including improvement of visibility and operability, improvement in reliability, reduction of engineering man-hours, visualization of energy and preventive maintenance.

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Shop Floor/Solutions