Edge Computing

Edge Computing

The key to creating a smart factory

For a smart factory to be achievable, the real-time utilization of production shop floor data and efficient connectivity with IT systems are essential. With e-F@ctory, by utilizing “edge computing,” a technological concept for information processing between the shop floor and IT systems, it is possible to achieve data connectivity with optimal efficiency.

An environment
where manufacturers
participate freely

Edgecross is an open software platform operating in edge computing environments built in collaboration with members of the Edgecross Consortium* to enable FA and IT collaboration. It is possible to build a free and flexible edge computing environment independent of application vendors and device manufacturers.

Edge Computing Products

Industrial PC

Data analysis/diagnosis software
Real-time Data Analyzer

Mitsubishi Electric SCADA software
MC Works64 Edge Computing Edition

Energy Saving Support Software
EcoAdviserComing soon

GOT2000-compatible HMI Software
GT SoftGOT2000