Carbon neutral

Aiming for a decarbonized society

As a leading manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric considers contributing to carbon neutrality our major mission.
In addition to FA equipment and power distribution control equipment,
we support our customers‘ sustainable business activities by utilizing IoT platforms as well as applications for visualization, analysis, and diagnosis.

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Promotion of energy saving

We will reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by introducing high-efficiency equipment and improving its operation in order to maximize energy efficiency.
In addition, reducing energy consumption can help cover the increased costs of purchasing relatively expensive renewable energy.

Introduction of renewable energy

By voluntarily introducing equipment to create renewable energy, such as solar power, as well as purchasing renewable energy, manufacturers will replace the CO2 we emit with renewable energy and contribute to CO2 reduction. It is also crucial to use renewable energy without waste by optimizing power interchange and storage battery operation between sites.

Mitsubishi Electric Carbon Neutral Solutions

Mitsubishi Electric provides carbon neutral solutions by not only offering equipment that efficiently uses energy (our high-efficiency equipment product lineup), but also by supporting continuous improvement activities through data management (data collection, visualization, analysis, and diagnosis).

Data Management is indispensable for continuous
reduction of CO2 emissions.

Operational improvements through data management
contribute to the continuous reduction of CO2 emissions.

Mitsubishi Electric provides a platform to collect and analyze all information related to energy and production. Through the visualization, analysis, and diagnosis of the collected data, we support further operational improvements on our customers' production shop floors.