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Open integrated networking across the manufacturing enterprise

Leveraging an integrated and open network utilizing TSN technology realizes real-time data collection from the shop floor to IT systems

CC-Link IE TSN supports TCP/IP communications and applies it to industrial architectures through its support of TSN enabling real-time communications. With its flexible system architecture and extensive setup and troubleshooting features make CC-Link IE TSN ideal for building an IIoT infrastructure across the entire manufacturing enterprise.

  • *TSN: Time Sensitive Networking
  • *IIoT: Industrial Internet of Things


High-speed and large bandwidth ideal for systems requiring deterministic control

Current manufacturing trends are utilizing AI and predictive maintenance to ensure high productivity and quality are achieved simultaneously. This requires high-speed communication and deterministic control of large volumes of data to IT systems. The innovative communication technology of CC-Link IE TSN increases communication performance, enables highly accurate motion control and high-speed I/O control without adversely affecting operating performance.



Gigabit Ethernet meets TSN technology CC-Link IE TSN combines protocols to high-speed cyclic communication and TSN technology. Current manufacturing trends require high-speed communication, deterministic cycle times and the management of large amounts of data. TSN technology allows TCP/IP communication to be added to the network without compromising the control communication necessary for device operation. The protocol also realizes the high-speed transfer of large-capacity data, thereby shortening cycle times and improving productivity.

  • ・Real-time deterministic control using standard Ethernet
  • ・Allocation of control communication bandwidth over IT
  • ・Supports multiple protocols on same network line
  • ・Fast cycle time using time-sharing method and bidirectional communications


  • Real-time network performance even when integrated with IT
    TSN technology enables the transfer of deterministic communication even when delivering the information communication data of IT systems on the same network. By increasing network bandwidth and giving priority to CC-Link IE TSN communications and TCP/IP communications, devices that use general Ethernet communications can be connected to the same network without affecting real-time control communication performance.

  • Optimum cycle time when mixing devices with different communication cycles
    High-speed communication devices ideal for high-speed, high-accuracy control and slower response devices ideal for monitoring can be connected using the same line by separating the communication cycle according to speed. This can maximize productivity by using optimum communication cycles based on device performance, such as device stations that require high-speed control and status monitoring stations that operate at lower communication speeds.


Extensive network technology supporting reduced downtime and easier system implementation

Intelligent networks that support industrial communications to realize easy device setup and preventive maintenance are essential for efficient operations. CC-Link IE TSN supports third-party diagnostic software, enabling troubleshooting of network devices (including standard Ethernet). Network event errors are time-stamped, enabling the actual cause of error to be easily evaluated. In addition, automatic generation of network system architectures and parameters simplifies commissioning.



Multiple features enabling a robust and easy-to-use communications network CC-Link IE TSN can utilize extensive troubleshooting tools through its support of GX Works3 and third-party monitoring and diagnostic software based on the SNMP protocol. In addition, parameters are distributed automatically, making it easy to setup remote devices and simplifying the commissioning process.

  • ・Extensive maintenance and easy setup of network devices
  • ・Supports third-party monitoring tools based on SNMP
  • ・Automatic registration of remote device parameters
  • ・Event history based on time stamp simplifies diagnostics and troubleshooting


  • TSN technology and protocol layers
    High performance and functionality are realized owing to the use of the time-sharing method and TSN time‑division protocol. Time division optimizes the communication frame and enables the mixing of standard Ethernet communications. Standard Ethernet protocol is also incorporated, enabling Ethernet devices and diagnostic tools to be utilized.

  • Supports various tools for improving setup and maintenance
    CC-Link IE TSN enables setting of network and supported devices, programming, and diagnostics using GX Works3. CC-Link IE TSN communication software realizes easier data collection without the need to change network settings. General-purpose third-party tools supporting SNMP can further enhance the maintenance capabilities of the network.


Optimal system with a highly flexible and integrated (general, motion and safety) network

CC-Link IE TSN is the key to realizing real-time communication in manufacturing systems utilizing TCP/IP-compatible Ethernet-based networks. It also enables third-party networks and standard Ethernet devices such as vision sensors and wireless routers to be integrated, and has multiple topology possibilities in support of highly scalable and flexible system architectures.



Seamless communication across entire network Integrating TCP/IP communication and CC-Link IE TSN for IT data and control data, respectively, realizes seamless communication throughout the entire network. Large amounts of data, such as images from vision sensors communicating via Ethernet, can be processed by other control devices elsewhere in the line without affecting the control data cycle time. Data from various machine processes can also be logged continuously and fed into edge-computing devices, which is essential for predictive maintenance that uses AI algorithms.

  • ・Flexible configurations enable utilization of best-in-class devices
  • ・Multiple topologies supported, line, star and ring
  • ・Supports various TSN-compatible open networks
  • ・Utilizes standard TCP/IP devices



Smart factory integration combining IT systems such as OPC UA with networked devices supporting other communication protocols
Build fully connected factory networks with vertical and horizontal integration across many different layers, automation control zones and network nodes. Realize system optimization on the same network while reducing overall network hardware and software costs.


  • Lithium-ion battery – Coater –
  • Automotive – Paint Shop –
  • Food & beverage – Filling/CIP –
  • Printing machines

Seamless communication between various factory automation products and IT systems,
realizing an IIoT‑enabled network.

  • Realize an efficient lloT system

  • Combine motion control and TCP/IP communication

Development kit/tool

  • Dedicated communication LSI CP610

    • ・CC-Link IE TSN master station/local station can be developed without considering protocols
    • ・Allows selection of MPU and OS freely. Customized sample codes according to hardware specifications and applications can be provided
    • ・Parameter settings and diagnostics of the CC-Link IE TSN master station/local station can be done using the CC-Link IE TSN setting tool included in the source code development kit
    • ・Provides SPICE model for PCI Express® interface and IBIS model for other interfaces as a transmission simulation model*1
    • *1. Confidentiality agreement needs to be signed to provide SPICE model and IBIS model. Please consult with your local Mitsubishi Electric sales office.
  • Master station software development kit (SDK)

    • ・Various systems can be configured using the software protocol stack irrespective of computers specifications
    • ・API compliance with CANopen® makes it easy for developers of CANopen® -compatible products to develop CC-Link IE TSN-compatible products
    • ・Source code package can be customized, enabling function expansion and porting to different development environments
    • ・Kit with library allows system configuration at a lower cost
    • ・Embedded functions improve devices by utilizing features such as mixing TCP/IP communication
  • Communication LSI embedded with GbE-PHY CP620

    • ・CC-Link IE TSN remote station can be developed without considering protocols
    • ・Embedded GbE-PHY enables easier communication circuit pattern development with fewer peripheral parts and circuits required around the CPU and GbE-PHY, thereby reducing board size
    • ・Customized sample codes according to hardware specifications and applications can be provided
    • ・Embedded hardware RTOS*1 reduces CPU load and power consumption
  • Sample code for CC-Link IE TSN remote station class A
    (provided by the CC-Link Partner Association)

    • ・Devices supporting CC-Link IE TSN remote stations class A can be developed just by implementing software protocol stack in devices equipped with Ethernet interface
  • CC-Link IE TSN communication software for Windows®
    (CC-Link IE TSN data collector enclosed)

    • ・Easily collects accurate control data of CC-Link IE TSN devices
    • ・Collected data from the function library can be utilized for data analysis and monitoring
    • ・Realizes accurate data analysis by collection of control data with time-stamp
    • ・Reduces configuration cost for realizing a simple data collection system as setup is straightforward utilizing computer-based software
    • ・CC-Link IE TSN data collector enables integration with Edgecross


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