Factory Automation




Promotion of automation

  • Smart picking achieved by robot-mounted AGVs and next-generation intelligent robots equipped with a vision sensor
  • Operation monitoring and preventive maintenance realized by networking FA devices equipped on AGV

Solutions to the Issues

Issues Solutions
Automation of lines with large transport volumes, simple transport and boxing tasks High-speed vision picking system. Automation with industrial robots including peripheral sensor equipment
Prediction of robot failure time Preventive and predictive maintenance function
Collaboration between humans and robots Optimum layout by collaborative robot
Loading and Unloading cargo to AGV Automation by mounting robot on AGV

System Configuration


Automation of lines with large transport volumes, simple transport and boxing tasks

Realization of Pick & Place and Boxing system by MELFA-FR series robot

In addition to automating the high-speed transfer and alignment of workpieces by a scalar robot, Boxing by vertical robot is realized by utilizing peripheral sensor equipment such as vision sensor.

Pick and place packing

Prediction of robot failure time

Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Functions with the MELFA SmartPlus Option Card

Health management of robots through status tracking

■ Early detection of abnormalities through continuous monitoring (Abnormality detection function)

Using proprietary technology to detect signs of failure before a serious failure occurs. Enable maintenance and prevent equipment shutdowns (Reduction Gear and Encoder)

■ Check the wear rate of the drive parts (wear calculation function).

The degree of wear of the driving parts is estimated from the operating state of the robot. Notification of maintenance timing (dedicated signal output and warning output), Support for efficient maintenance, including prioritization of maintenance (grease, belt, reduction gear, ball screw, bearing)

■ Simulation of wear and tear (maintenance simulation)

Estimation of the replacement timing of maintenance parts and maintenance of overhauled parts, the maintenance cycle can be planned beforehand. It can also be used to verify the operation to extend the life of the robot

■ Supports construction of maintenance systems

Various types of maintenance data can be used on robot programs, and can also be output to IT systems and GOT, supporting construction of maintenance systems suitable for customer equipment.

Collaboration between humans and robots

 Collaborative Robots

Collaborative solutions that are easy to deploy by anyone, anywhere quickly
  • Rounded appearance for intrinsically safe design that prevents hands and fingers from being pinched and for reducing pressure in case of collision
  • Operation button mounted on arm instead of teaching box
  • Arm-mounted LEDs facilitate robot status monitoring
  • Visual programming on tablet screen makes robot programming unnecessary

Loading and Unloading cargo to AGV

 Collaborative Robots

Efficient inter-process transportation can be realized by mounting a robot on AGV

Collaborative robots installed on AGVs to reduce labor costs for loading and unloading work. Production and quality information can be collected and managed in an integrated manner through the cooperation of high-level management systems.

AGV + Robot Exhibition

Image of cooperation between host systems and the field

AGV + Robot Inter-process Conveyance

AGV + robots in each process

Production status monitor screen

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