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Model selection tool

FX programmable controllers can be selected easily!

Combining FX3U‚ FX3UC‚ FX3GE‚ FX3G‚ FX3GC‚ FX3S programmable controllers and various expansion equipments together, a wide range of selection is available.

  • During selection, the remaining I/O points and power capacity can be viewed at a glance.
  • Purchase List (list price and subtotal) and Tool Overview (external dimensions and I/O device number) can be output.

Terms and Conditions

Before using this tool, read the following Precautions and Note.

  1. This tool is available to customers who are using or considering to use Mitsubishi Electric products.
  2. This tool is for reference purposes only. For considerations, please refer to the relevant catalog and manual.
  3. Mitsubishi Electric is not held liable for any damages caused by using this model selection tool.
  1. This tool is subject to change without notice.