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Network-related products

Model selection tool

Model selection tool for network-related remote modules, adapter/bridge modules.

  • "Selection contents list" with selected module name and quantity can be printed.
  • "System configuration" based on selected network models can be printed.

Before using this tool, read the following Precautions and Note.

  1. This tool is available to customers who are considering to use Mitsubishi Electric products.
  2. This tool is for reference purposes only. For considerations, please refer to the relevant catalog and manual.
  3. Mitsubishi Electric is not held liable for any damages caused by using this model selection tool.
  1. This tool is subject to change without notice.
  2. Specifications of Mitsubishi Electric products are subject to change due to functional improvements or maintenance without notice. Note that this tool selects system configurations according to specifications of products currently available in the market.
    For this reason, the system configuration specifications may be different when applying to your existing system.
    When considering to add products to your existing system, please check the system configuration specifications of relevant product manual or consult your local Mitsubishi Electric representative.